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We work every day to facilitate all your RV and camper van rentals.

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Each day, our community continues to discover the wonderful benefits of motorhome sharing. Our owners and renters make up the back bone of our community. Thanks to RV rentals, Yescapa gives adventurers the opportunity to travel all over Europe, and for them to experience the most unexpected situations! It's also a great way for them to be able to plan the road trip of their dreams. It's up to you to decide what you'll explore next!

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Yescapa is first of all a story about travel...

A desire to hit the road to discover landscapes, cultures and people, freely and safely. Our rental platform for motorhomes, converted vans and campervans between private individuals, connects passionate owners and curious travelers.

By adapting the collaborative consumption model to the recreational vehicle sector, we have chosen to allow everyone to enjoy the benefits of motorhome sharing. Hit the road with Yescapa and join Europe's largest traveling community of travel lovers.

May 2012

Creation of the platform JeLoueMonCampingCar.com

December 2013

The first employee was hired


1st fundraising of €550,000 with Stéphane Romanyszyn (Entre-Particuliers), Frédéric Mazella (Blablacar), Arnaud Lecherf (Smartbox).

April 2016

IRentMyMotorhome became Yescapa
The German market was launched

September 2016

2nd round of fund raising of €3 million euros from MAIF Avenir

January 2017

Launch of the Yescapa app: first app dedicated to RV rentals in Europe

May 2017

The UK market was launched

May 2018

Yescapa turned 6 and organised its first community event with its members.