Cancellation and postponement of dates: stay flexible!

So that you can continue to make travel plans, we provide you with the support you need to book carefree.

Thanks to the various cancellation options available on Yescapa, you can cancel up to 48 hours before the day of departure, whether your reason for cancellation is related to covid-19 or not.

The booking is confirmed

If the cancellation is 30 days or more before departure, you will be reimbursed 70% of the rental cost (insurance and service fees excluded).

30 days before departure

If less than 30 days before departure, no reimbursement will be possible, the total amount of the transaction is due.


See our general terms and conditions

What are the valid reasons for cancelling due to covid-19 up to 48 hours before departure?

  • You have tested positive for covid-19 within 14 days prior to departure (proof that you are waiting for your results will be accepted);
  • You have been in contact with someone who has tested positive (the positive test of this person or any other equivalent document will be requested);
  • Your plane or train to get to the destination has been cancelled
  • An isolation period is imposed at the place of departure of the rental;
  • An isolation period is imposed on the renters at the end of the hire;
  • Your holidays have been cancelled by your employer
  • Existing government restrictions are preventing the movement of people
  • An official event that is the aim of your trip has been cancelled due to the health measures in place.

Proof to justify your situation will be requested at the time of your cancellation.

How to cancel?

Go to My Trips > select the hire concerned > Cancel > COVID-19 cancellation.

The terms and conditions of your rental credit will be explained and a document as proof will be requested. It is possible to cancel due to reason covid-19, up to 48 hours before departure.

If you are an owner and you cannot handover the vehicle to the renter as you have tested positive for covid-19 within 14 days before the date of departure or because you have to self isolate, please contact the renter immediately as well as our team by email, indicating the booking reference.

How to use your rental credit?

The applicable cancellation policy allows the renter to benefit from a rental credit that can be used in several instalments on future rentals confirmed within 18 months of the cancellation of the initial rental.

The rental credit amount represents the service fees and the insurance costs of the cancelled rental. This amount may also include the owner's remuneration, depending on the cancellation terms chosen by the latter:

Each owner can choose how they would like to manage their remuneration, in the event of a covid-19 cancellation. Depending on the terms indicated by the owner on their profile, their remuneration may either be refunded to the renter, or issued as rental credit, valid to book one of the owner's vehicles, for one or multiple rentals, confirmed within 18 months following the cancellation of the initial booking.

The renter will be informed of the cancellation terms applicable to their rental when requesting cancellation.

The rental credit allows you to travel on later dates, and will automatically be deducted from the amount of the new rental according to the corresponding terms (see next section).

As the cancellation insurance is offered by an external entity to Yescapa, if you have subscribed to this insurance, the amount paid will not be reimbursed.

Further information

48h delay

All cancellations due to covid-19 must be submitted 48 hours before the day of departure in order to give sufficient notice to both parties. In the event of a government announcement with measures implemented within 48 hours, Yescapa reserves the right to enforce the terms of the covid-19 policy, even if the cancellation takes place less than 48 hours before the day of departure.

Covid-19 proof of cancellation document

For each case eligible for our policy, you will be asked to provide proof of cancellation. If you have taken a PCR test and your will receive your results less than 48 hours before the day of departure, please inform our team by email, specifying your booking reference.

Rental credit terms

The rental credit allows you to travel later and can be used several times. The credit is noted on the renter's profile in My account> Credit Location.

This rental credit will be deducted from the price of a next rental. If the remuneration of an owner is included in the rental credit, this credit will be valid only on one of the vehicles of the same owner and on the total amount of the new rental. If only the insurance and service fees are included in the rental credit, then this credit will be valid on the rental of any vehicle registered on Yescapa and can be applied to the payment of the service fees and rental insurance parts only, of the new rental.

The effective duration of the rental credit is maximum 18 months, from the date of cancellation of the initial rental. The actual travel dates may be later than the 18 months of validity provided that confirmation by full payment of the rental takes place before the expiration date of the rental credit.

The new rental rate may vary depending on the rental and insurance rates applicable for the new period. In the event that the rental credit is not sufficient to cover the amount of the new rental, the remaining amount will be charged to the renter. If, on the contrary, the rental credit is greater than the total amount of the future rental, the balance of the rental credit is retained and will be usable on a following rental.

If a renter or owner cancels a hire following these terms, both parties will be notified by email.

Terms regarding owners

An owner can cancel a booking due to COVID if they have tested positive for covid-19 within 14 days prior to departure and may not transfer the handover and return of the vehicle to a relative. In this case, owners are invited to inform renters in priority of any cancellation, then to contact our team by email at indicating their booking reference.

For rentals cancelled by renters due to COVID-19, owners must define the terms and conditions applicable to the management of their remuneration, by selecting their choice on their profile. If no action is taken by the owner, the management of their remuneration in the event of cancellation COVID-19 will be the default setting. All cancellations related to COVID-19 initiated by the owner will result in an automatic refund of their planned remuneration, no matter what they opted for on their profile. In the event that the owner would want to cancel a rental related to COVID-19, outside of dates covered by our policy, the latter will not receive their remuneration. If the owner sells their vehicle, the renter will be able to choose between a rental credit of the total amount of the hire to be used on all vehicles available on the platform, or, a total refund of the initial hire.

Use of gift cards

In the instance payment of the rental was made via gift card, the renter will be able to benefit from a rental credit of the initial amount of the gift card valid 18 months after the date of cancellation of the rental. For all gift cards purchased in the last 6 months (from 13/03/2020), the validity date of the gift card will be extended by 3 months.

General information

Some features specific to the management of Covid-19 cancellations may be unavailable on mobile applications. Thank you for performing all the corresponding management via the website.

If your booking is eligible to COVID-19, the terms of cancellation highlighted here, are prioritized over the usual cancellation terms mentioned on the website.

Travelling despite coronavirus: good practices!

It is important to check a few days before your departure the regulations in place in the places where you plan to stop. If traffic restrictions are announced, you can change your itinerary even at the last minute, or postpone your trip with the flexible cancellation option.

You may continue to travel if travel is permitted. If a curfew is in place, you should plan in advance to stop in a place where permitted, before the curfew time. In your house on wheels, you can easily keep to the curfew.

If possible, adapt your itinerary so that you don't give up your long-awaited trip. Motorhomes allow you to improvise according to the weather, your wishes and even traffic restrictions. However, if the traffic regulations in force should really prevent your trip, please refer to the eligible reasons in our cancellation policy covid-19.

There are many service stations that remain accessible and allow you to make a stopover to use various services such as emptying the grey waters, filling the water, connecting to electrical terminals...You can locate them easily thanks to the Caramaps application available for any Yescapa hires.

We have a cleaning and disinfection protocol in place which is an important part of the rental contract. Although the vehicles are cleaned and disinfected before and after each trip, it is important to regularly clean surfaces and door handles to maintain a healthy space throughout the trip.

Renting a motorhome, campervan or converted van allows you to travel while keeping at a safe distance.